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Selected Papers from the Asia-Pasific Conference on Economics and Finance (APEF 2016)

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1. Evaluation of Cluster-Development Strategic Outlooks Using Book Value and Revenue Multiples by Koshelev, Egor; Yashin, Sergey; Yashina, Nadezhda. 2. Disposition Effect on Investment Decision Making: Explanation of Regulatory-Focus Theory by Sudirman, I Made Surya Negara; Irwanto, Andry; Basuki. 3. Prospects for the Mutual-Fund Industry in India: A Comparative Study with Respect to the US by Ahmad, Iftaqar and Sinha, Jyotsna. 4. Social-Marketing Activities to Augment Brands of Faith in Diversified Marketing in India by Gnanakumar, Perbettan Baba 5. Determinant Factors for the Formation and Development of a Smart Territory by Zvirbule, Andra; Rivza, Baiba; Bulderberga, Zane. 6. Replacing Formal Authority in the Workplace with Employee Self-governing Authority by Monsalve, Juan Nicolas Montoya; Nino, Alvaro Fernando Moncada; Naranjo, Juan Daniel Montoya. 7. A Study of the Human-Resource Practices and Challenges COnfronted by Human-Resource Experts in an Indian IT Firm, Bangalore by Saravanan, Palaniappan and Vasumathi, Arumugam. 8. Current Issues of the Labor Market in the Slovak Republic with an Emphasis on the Trends in Migration Policy by Rievajova, Eva; Privara, Andrej. 9. Portion of Foreign Ownership and Efficiency of Banks in Indonesia by Sparta. 10. Study of Green Banking Practices in the Sri Lankan Context: A Critical Review by Fernando, P.M.P. and Fernando, K.S.D.
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J 330.05 SEL 2016
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