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Management, Global Edition

Table of Contents
PART 1: Introduction
1. Managers in the Workplace
Management History Module
2. Making Decisions
Part 1 Management Practice

PART 2: Basics of Managing in Today's Workplace
3. Managing the External Environment and the Organization's Culture
4. Managing in a Global Environment
5. Managing Diversity
6. Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics
7. Managing Change and Innovation
Part 2 Management Practice

PART 3: Planning
8. Planning Work Activities
9. Managing Strategy
Creating and Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures Module
Part 3 Management Practice

PART 4: Organizing
10. Designing Organizational Structure - Basic Designs
11. Designing Organizational Structure - Adaptive Designs
12. Managing Human Resources
Managing Your Career Module
13. Creating and Managing Teams
Part 4 Management Practice

PART 5: Leading
14. Managing Communication
15. Understanding and Managing Individual Behavior
16. Motivating Employees
17. Being an Effective Leader
Part 5 Management Practice

PART 6: Controlling
18. Monitoring and Controlling
Planning and Control Techniques Module
Managing Operations Module
Part 6 Management Practice


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