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Image of Pengaruh CAR, BOPO, NPL, LDR dan NIM terhadap Return on Asset Perbankan Go Public Tahun 2007 - 2011


Pengaruh CAR, BOPO, NPL, LDR dan NIM terhadap Return on Asset Perbankan Go Public Tahun 2007 - 2011

This research is performed in order to test the influence of the variable Capital Adecuacy Ratio (CAR),,BOPO, Non Performing Loan (NPL), Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR), Net Interest Margin (NIM) and toward Return on Asset (ROA).
Sampling technique used is purposive sampling with criteria as General Banking in Indonesia who provide financial report and listed in Bursa Efek Indonesia. The Data is based on publicity Indonesia Banking Directory since 2007 to 2011.

Obtained by amount sampel as much 22 companies from 32 banking companies in Indonesia 2007-2011 period. Analysis technique used is data panel doubled regression with and hypothesis test use t-statistic to test coefficient of regression partial and also f statistic to test the truth of collectively influence Others also done a classic assumption test covering normality test, multicolinierity test, heteroscedastisity test and autocorrelation test.

The results of this study indicate that BOPO has positive and significant impact on ROA in the banking firm. While the CAR,NPL, LDR and LDR negative related to ROA banking. The results of this study is expected that the variable CAR,BOPO, NPL, and the LDR can be used as guidelines for the management of banks in managing a bank in order to become a healthy bank.
Keywords : CAR, BOPO, NPL, LDR, NIM, ROA


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